Inauguration day

It’s emotional for me. As my first interaction of American democracy was when obama getting elected back in 2008.

my American teacher was rushing to fill out her ballot in our classroom in a Chinese university so that she could return the ballot in time to be counted. I thought that was democracy.

Fast forward, after enduring my 4 years with Obama as president. I had hopes, lots of it. For his reelection, Obama came to our university in which we lined up with enthusiasm and waited for entire day for. I thought how wonderful I was as a foreign student that I could witness the president of the greatest nation in person. I was destined to stay in the states. I was really looking forward to the Immigration reform that was long promised. I was even willing to die for America.

It took a sharp turn in 2016. I swore in to become US citizen after Trump was elected. America had since became the bitterness wars between the blue and the the red. As if I was in an alternate universe. I started doubting why I came to America.

Another 4 years have passed. We not only elected Biden, which presented the symbol and continuation of Obama administration – the first African in the high office in the america’s history, but also we elected the first colored woman in office in the United States history. I can’t say enough how proud I am to be American. I have hope once again.

God Bless America.

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